These one-week photography workshops are designed for several purposes: learning photography basics, learning storytelling, and expanding worldviews. Regardless of the location, whether domestic or international, students will be exposed to new cultures in their native contexts. More than reading or hearing about foreign experiences from second-hand sources, participants will have their own stories to tell, having witnessed a new side of life for themselves.

For more information about upcoming workshops to Nicaragua and Ireland, please use the email option in the sidebar.


Who can sign up for a workshop?
Anyone who has interest in learning about photography or new cultures. 

What if I don't have an expensive camera?
Even if you do not own a camera at all you can still join one of our teams. LensRentals.com provides affordable rental options for all photography needs. The price of a camera is irrelevant to the workshop.

What is included in the cost of a workshop?
All workshop costs are based on the location. For instance, one week in Nicaragua is less expensive than the same amount of time in Ireland. With that, workshop costs include airfare from the DFW airport only. For students coming from out of state, there may be additional airfare expenses. Costs also include tuition for the workshop itself, lodging, and group meals.

Additional costs may also include: Passport, insurance, and vaccinations.  

Is there an age requirement to sign up?
Yes. students must be at least 18 years old. Only under special circumstance will anyone under 18 be considered. 

Are all religious and political views welcome?
Yes. All are welcome!